Hygge Bucket List: Top 20 Things to Try This Summer

20 Hygge Things to Try This Summer

Call it an early, way-premature, Not-Really-a-Bucket-List Bucket List. (Let's not get morbid, mkay?) But, as Hygge philosophy tells us, it's never the wrong time to test new waters, try different things and seize the moment—all in the name of fun. And let's face it, there's no better time for doing pretty much anything than summer. So, without further ado, our picks for 20 things that are the most "what the heck"-worthy this season:


1. Learn to surf

20 Hygge Things-Learn to Surf-MinxNY

2.Take in a local sight you've never actually seen

3. Write one (for now) poem

20 Hygge Things-Write a Poem-MinxNY

4.  Soak in a hot spring

5. Get a (fake?) tattoo

20 Hygge Things-Get a Tattoo-MinxNY

6. Act in a play (or at least take an acting class)

7. Attend a rodeo

20 Hygge Things-Go to a Rodeo-MinxNY

8.Walk on hot coals (carefully)

9. Swim with a wild animal (other than your dog)

20 Hygge Things-Swim with Turtles-MinxNY

10. Paint your toenails wildly

11. Ride a horse

20 Hygge Things-Ride a Horse-MinxNY

12. Cut your hair short 

13.  Draw something

20 Hygge Things-Draw a Picture-MinxNY

14. Crash an event

15. Befriend an old person

20 Hygge Things-Befriend an Old Person-MinxNY

16.  Climb a tree

17. Get backstage

20 Hygge Things-Get Backstage-MinxNY

18. Feel sand between your toes

20 Hygge Things-Sand Between Your Toes-MinxNY

19. Go without phone & internet for 24 hours

20. Vegas, baby!

20 Hygge Things-Go to Vegas-MinxNY



21. Look up a long-lost love

20 Hygge Things-Find a Lost Love-MinxNY


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