Hollywood Hygge: Celebs Heed the Call of the Tame

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Here at MinxNY, Hygge isn't some celebrity fad or chic trend. Nope, Hygge (hoo-gah, the Danish concept of celebrating fun times, comfortable and comforting accessories, and seizing the moment) is our whole brand. We practice what we preach each day in the office. (Thank you, ultra-casual dress code, ping pong, and early summer Fridays!) Yup, Hygge, in all its down-home glory, is just our way of life. 

Still, while it might be new to have a U.S. company devoted to the principles of Hygge, we can't help but notice that Hollywood has been going Hygge for a while now.

Gwyneth Paltrow was sort of Hygge before Hygge was a thing. In the era before she introduced her lifestyle brand, Goop, celebs’ main focus seemed to be on their own bodies, their own fashion, just them. But Gwynnie took it wider, shining the Klieg lights on the way "we" could spend our time, suggesting things we could “make,” “do” and “be.” In short, a whole, happy way to live. Sounds pretty Hygge to us.

Three years later, in 2011, came Jessica Alba, another Tinseltown denizen trading in the trappings of the high life for the simple life, or at least a brand built on that image, The Honest Company. The appeal of the natural and unaffected has clearly been sprouting for a while now. 
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Even before those two, there were cozy celebrity precursors, like Martha Stewart and B. Smith, also Julia Child, proving the hunger for Hygge has deep roots, even in America. Over and over again, we wander astray into detours like Kardashian Khaos (or before that, disco overload, or Paris Hilton), and then circle back. We regroup in an attempt to get a bit more centered, a bit more down to earth once again.

There seems to be a perennial yearning for nurturing, homespun living, for soothing, wholesome routes to fun and pleasure. Hapless hedonism (as fun as it can be for a while) never really sustains us. The party ends. The commotion dies down. The vial of blood in Angelina’s necklace dries up and gets traded in for a baby bottle.

Martha Stewart-Hygge-MinxNYB. Smith-Hygge-MinxNY

Take Golden couple (literally) Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively—she even had her own lifestyle brand, Preserve, for a blip. The pair are currently representing the Hollywood lifestyle by . . . snuggling up in a 5-bedroom Colonial in a small town in Westchester, NY. The pastoral-dwelling duo seem heaven-bent on filling each bedroom of said large-yet-cozy dwelling with wee golden children too. “We don’t live a wild and crazy life,” revealed Reynolds to Australian TV. He told People: “My wife is the youngest of five; we’d love to have a large family.” Blake echoed this sentiment to the mag: “I’ve always wanted a big family.” (So far, they have two girls.)  

While Reynolds and Lively are merely staying true to their hearth-and-home-loving selves, Miley Cyrus is a star who seems to have had a fall TO grace, and a more Hygge-centered life. Cyrus has seriously tamed her wrecking ball ways in recent times, settling down to non-wedded, perennially rumored-to-be-reengaged bliss with ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth. A source told E! News recently, "Miley really loves nesting with Liam. She's loving just being at home with him,” adding, “She cooks a lot. She loves trying out new recipes all the time."
Miley Cyrus-Hygge-MinxNY
It seems there will always be a pull to the simple pleasures, the authentic, the cozy—the Hygge side of life.  Yes, even celebs hear the call of the normal eventually.
We can all take comfort in that.
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