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Celebrating the Hygge Lifestyle at MinxNY

You happen upon the perfect spot by a stunning, sun-dappled lake and decide to take a pause before you get where you’re going—time for a spontaneous picnic. 

Picnic-Hygge Lifestyle at MinxNY

This no-cloud day is postcard-worthy, so you grab a few friends and your towel and head for the beach­—summer is short and everything else can wait.

Beachtech towel - Hygge Life - MinxNY

Seizing the day, snagging whatever chances for fun (and sun) come as you find them, isn't that the secret of a life well-spent? And realizing that the so-called “little things” have been badly mislabeled!

Happiness, it turns out, blooms from life’s most simple pleasures. What really makes us content are the basics: closeness, comfort, and the everyday celebrating we do whenever we’re with people we care about.

That could mean Sunday with the kids, cuddling under a fluffy blanket, or throwing a pajama/spa party for the girls. It could mean chilling with a good book (or a blog), while enjoying the double hit to the senses of fuzzy, lavender-scented slipper socks.

Chenille socks - MinxNY

It's also capturing that feeling of at-homeness and bringing it with you, wherever you go.

With comfy accessories, you can take it to work with a warm pair of Navajo indoor/outdoor boots (perfect for overblown office AC), or a velvety-soft throw slung over your dorm chair. Or maybe bring the outside in with a plant or two­—scientifically-proven to improve well-being.

Bootie socks with pom poms - Navajo Slippers - MinxNY

In Denmark, they have a name for this sort of intimate approach to life. They call it Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah).  Over there, it’s all about cozy, fireside gatherings, mulled wine, and candles with everything. Denmark always gets voted the “happiest country in the world,” so we figure they (and we) are onto something!

Bootie socks with pom poms - Hygge Life - MinxNY

In fact, we're so convinced,  we're on kind of a mission  to get more Hygge in people's lives here too. We believe that's what all of our products help you do:

Seize the day.
Take a moment.
 Enjoy your life!
 Have a Happy, Hygge-filled day,
—Your Friends at MinxNY


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