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Halloween vs. Hygge Smackdown!

In Denmark, (you know, Happiest Place on Earth, Home of Hygge) Halloween is . . . well, it isn’t. They don't celebrate it.
It makes sense if you think about it. Hygge and Halloween aren't exactly natural besties. There's cozy, and then there's creepy. So, which is better? Let the Halloween-Hygge smackdown begin! 

Hygge vs. Halloween

Pleasantly-scented candles  vs. Half-melted Jack-o-lanterns

Bonfires with friends vs. Cauldrons with witches

Homemade cinnamon buns vs. Plastic-tasting candy

Cozy scarves and socks vs. Nylon costumes from Hallow-mart

Gentle joys of the season vs. Scary night from Hell when kids never go to bed

And we have a winner!

But seriously, Hygge and Halloween can mix.  Our bad selves will be snuggled up at home with monster socks and horror flicks on (and O.K., maybe a few mini chocolate bars). 

See, Hygge can be evil too.

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