The Hygge Holiday Gift Guide: 16 Things for Everyone on Your List (Yes, Everyone)

The Hygge Holiday Gift Guide: 16 Things for Everyone on Your List (Yes, Everyone)

In Denmark, home of hoo-gah, the holidays are (are you sitting down?) drama-free: no boasting uncles, political squabbles or "whatever" teens. Over there, everyone appreciates every last moment of the family gathering. They chill in cozy holiday warmth and put the stress of the rest of the year on hold. We believe there’s a little Hygge in all of us (yes, even that sister-in-law) and a perfectly cozy gift for everyone too.  So, gather 'round the holiday stocking and take in our seasonal suggestions:

Preppy Princess

She knows what she likes (clean lines, campus-worthy items, plaid) and feels no need to mess with the classics. So, please don’t make her try any weird stuff. Just get her something smart-looking, like our Reversible Faux Leather Phone Pocket Scarf, and be done.


Cutie Pie

Age really is just a number (hey, we learned that from the Cool Spa commercial). And while the Cutie Pie may be past her playground days, to her, cute is still cool. Anything that makes her smile is a must. T-shirts with silly sayings? Check. Critter-covered phone cases? Check. Fluffy Cell Phone Pocket Slipper Socks with amusing, junk food patches? Ding ding!

Cat Slipper Sock Booties -

Ice Queen

She’s got winter down pat and she isn’t messing around. She already has all the gloves, hats and scarves she needs. She’s into basic, good-quality items that go with anything. And practical details are a must. What she doesn’t have and will love: These fuzzy, Lavender-Infused Slipper Socks with a Phone Pocket.
Fluffy Phone Pocket Slipper Sock -


Bright Star

She totally doesn't get why others like to fade into the woodwork. (The point is...why?) In her short time on Earth, she’s going to burn bright and make style statement with tons of color, the brighter the better. Six colors in our Neon Anklet Socks 6 Pack, to be exact.

Neon Ankle Socks -

Gla-more Girl

Are you a regular person? That’s nice. The Gla-more Girl is a little more than that. She’s chic, sexy and the star of her own movie. Thing is, you’re in it too and she needs a gift. Only sumptous, real Shearling Fur Slides will do. 

Shearling Fur Slides -


Pom Queen

Similar to the Gla-more Girl, but with a little more pop. She wants to be noticed in the crowd without having to do much but appear. That’s where this adorable Grey Baseball Cap with Fur Pom comes in.
Grey Pom Pom Hat -

Book Babe

She’s studious, sure. But she’s no nerd. She’s probably your boss. On cold nights, she curls up with a good book, but nobody said she doesn’t have company! Get her smart self our Fluffy Reading Socks.

Pom Pom Slipper


Norse Goddess

While everyone else is heading back to the fire, the Norse Goddess feels nary a chill. She’s still got a lot of stomping (and conquering?) to do. Luckily, she’s got these nifty, northern Shag Shea Butter Infused Boots with a Phone Pocket you gave her. 
Furry Slipper Boots - Minx NY


Device Diva

She's a power house, in more ways than one. At home, there's a constant battle over who will charge first. Everyone "can't live without" their phone or their tunes. Here comes a perfectly hygge solution: the Power Plant, a 4-port, high-speed charger that looks like a soothing plant. Holiday conflict over who'll get to use their new toy first averted! 
4-Port USB Phone Charger Plant - MinxNY


Boho Butterfly

She could show up at a barbeque or Burning Man, you really never know with this chick. And that’s why you love her. Speaking of love, she’ll probably give you a yarn bracelet (one of 70 on her wrists) when you present her with these awesome Southwestern Patterned Indoor-Outdoor Boots.

Navajo Boots- Minx NY


Sexy Thing

She claims she doesn’t try to get attention from the opposite sex, but we have our doubts. For example, she’ll say these are “just socks” and that she doesn’t understand why the men start falling over. Whatever. Just get her these Lace Boot Knee Highs.
Knee High Lace Boot Socks


Good Girl

She’s always giving, giving giving. And who gives to her? For her whole two minutes of downtime, treat her feet to Shea-butter Infused Slipper Socks. She’ll be really nice to you. Oh yeah, she’s always nice. 
Shea Butter Infused Slipper Socks-Minx NY


The Nose

Wherever you go, the Nose knows. What’s that smell? "Cinnamon mixed with a slight hint of allspice, cedar and Bergamot." Berga-who? These will surely please her: Lavender-infused, velvet chenille socks—two pairs!—plus a bonus scent-boosting sachet. Lavender-Infused 2 Pair Pack Velvet Socks


Urban Peasant

She’s chic, but rustic. City, but just a little hometown too. She wants style that harkens back to something cozy, but she's busy, so that extra pocket (for her phone, laundry money or keys) are most welcome. Get her the Infinity Scarf with Zip Pocket and she'll be infinitely grateful.
Infinity Scarf - Minx


Your Sister

OK, we can’t really describe your sister. (There are a few out there.) But if we had a sister, we'd get her these delightful, Argan-infused slipper socks with padded bottoms. It’s a kind, considerate and loving gift. Let the button be a symbol of putting closure on all your past issues. 

Argan Infused Sweater Non-Skid Slipper Socks -


Your Mother

While we are at it. Your mother has everything, right? I mean, she has you. One thing she might love though are these cabled knit booties. They have just enough structure for safety, yet they are light enough to never be a drag on her. Cushioned soles, sherpa lining and shea butter infusion round out the reasons they are, yes, good enough for mom. 

Fuzzy Slipper Booties - MinxNY



Have a wonderful, hygge-ful holiday season! Happy shopping!



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