5 Coolest Hygge Blogs and Social Media Accounts

5 Coolest Hygge Blogs and Social Media Accounts

Have you been looking for Hygge in all the wrong places? It's hard to get Hygge right, and plenty of websites and social media accounts fail miserably. It's not easy to be cozy. Seizing the day and appreciating life's small pleasures without sounding corny is an art. Here are 5 places online that have Hygge Cool down to a T. (Speaking of tea . . . )

Top  Hygge Blogs - How to Hygge the British Way - MinxNY

1. howtohyggethebritishway.com

The Brits have gone whole-Hygge in their embrace of the Danish philosophy. And it’s neither a surprise nor a stretch: Coziness and Englishness go together like tea and crumpets. Purists may balk at the Anglo-adaptations here, but they shouldn’t. Revel in Hygge recipes by way of English delicacies like “Lincolnshire Parkin” and “Marmelade Loaf.” And, fortunately, this writer gets never gets mired in the uptight or twee, two pitfalls of English lifestyle blogs. This is comfort mind food at its most chill. One recent post was entitled: “This weekend, I had a moment of pure Hygge, and I never even took one photograph.” It’s a wonderfully Hygge sentiment and also, as the Brits say, bloody great.

Top Hygge Blogs - Decor 8 Blog - MinxNY.com

2. decor8blog.com

This isn’t strictly a Hygge blog, but with its spare, Scandanavian design sensibility, celebration of the pleasures of entertaining, including providing ingenious yet simple ideas for creating extremely inviting table spreads for your guests, and plants and candles galore, yeah, it’s a Hygge blog. It also has the self-titled distinction of being “one of the first design blogs in the world.” Color us impressed, in a very homey, down-to-earth, Hygge way, of course.

Hygge House - MinxNY.com

3. hyggehouse.com

Peripatetic, indepenent cool girl meets hygge blog. The vibe is contemplative, meditative, and just a little bit moody, and always utterly authentic. This is Hygge for real, not for hype. The blog’s creator, Alex Beuchamp, is living it, or trying to. And when she’s not, she fully admits it: “Hygge isn't what's shown in glossy magazines or top 10 lists and it's not what's sold in stores. This is what real hygge is and looks like . . . “ Read the F.A.Q. section, including her response to all the searches for “Alex Beauchamp husband” and tell us you don’t love this woman!

Hygge for Home - MinxNY.com

4. @Hygge_for_home

There's nothing quite like this account for its monochromatic, eery-yet-cozy, otherworldly look. No people, but just use your imagination. This home is clearly a perfect backdrop for great memories. Filled with more candles, pillows and throws than most Danish dwellings (she’s in Wales), you’ll wish you could enter these photos yourself. From the claw foot tub, to the deck of your dreams, to the tea lights and hammock, you will never tire of staring at this woman's amazing home, and the more you stare, the more you will uncover.

How to Hygge - MinxNY.com

5. pinterest.com/hipeacefulmind/how-to-hygge

This outcropping of stress-busting hub, Hello Peaceful Mind, is a thoughtfully curated collection of Hygge articles, from how to create your own Hygge space, to Hygge on a budget, to the best low-light plants (hey, try our NO LIGHT plants!), to the difference between Hygge and Minimalism: “Where hygge and minimalism cross paths most often is when they focus more on the heart of living rather than the hustle of living.” This is an invaluable catch-all clearing house and a great way to catch up on all your Hygge-related reading.

Happy Hygge!

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