• Unlike anything on the market!
  • Super-absorbent, eco-friendly, thin and very compact.
  • Unlike other towels it dries very quickly.
  • Comes with optional water resistant zipper pocket, for you to store your keys, phone, watch, wallet, etc.
  • Its microfiber fabric absorbs almost 3 times more water than a regular cotton terry towel

  • LARGE AND LUXURIOUS: Colorful refreshing patterns make you stand out on the beach. Ample size for one person to lay on it or cover up. Size 32"x64"
  • SUPER SOFT SUEDE FEEL: Cool to the touch even in the hottest days. Soft and relaxing to lay on. Easy to carry and store, it's perfect for yoga, swim, gym, camp, boating, backpacking, by the pool, as a beach mat or bath towel at home

When folded, these are small enough to toss in your handbag without weighing you down. Available in vibrant designs, eco-friendly, anti-bacterial and made specifically for convenient traveling. Comes with a sewn elastic band that you can wrap around to keep it folded and tidy.