About Us

As a family-owned business, we’ve built our livelihood on our values of family, friends, and spreading love & joy. They are what drives MinxNY forward and are reflected in all we do. As our business and the world evolves, these values have remained constant and continue to drive us into the future.

As parents of 4 incredible children, grandparents of 2 amazing youngster and being part of a tight knit community of neighbors, customers and clients that have become so much more to us, family and the love of spreading joy is everything to us.

It is that love that has inspired us to create products to help others share in that joy and cozy feeling of home, in an effort to ultimately bring them to their happy place. With collections encompassing brands in apparel, accessories, home goods, personal beauty and home spa, we strive to bring you quality luxury products that will leave you feeling beautiful & confident, comfortable & relaxed, and your home the perfect sanctuary.

Since beginning MinxNY in 2011, our collections have grown to now span the globe through major worldwide retailers – a success attributed to our belief in the philosophy of “Hygge” (Hoo-gah). Originally a Danish term, Hygge is the notion of coziness, a sensation that we strive to communicate through the uniqueness of our products. Everything we produce embodies the Hygge spirit to give you ultimate feelings of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation – all of which is needed now in current times more than ever.

As mentioned before, the core vision and values of our company are to spread love, warmth, health, happiness, and home – and that you feel the pure and utter bliss of all of these each time you experience a product from MinxNY’s brands, whether it be Aromasoles, Kissable, Beachtech, ModernMan or Vintage Home.

All our love,

Adele & Roni