The right women's hat

The right women's hat

Choosing the right Women’s Hat can be such a task! I mean, to be completely honest, until recently I barely ever wore Hats! It just so happens that here lately my schedule demands them. And as we are gradually approaching Winter Season, the weather is demanding them as well!

Naturally always madly in Love with my Hair, Women’s Hat’s always seemed to cover up, or even worse, mess up my Hair after I have taken the time to nearly perfect it.
Beanie   Beanie Multicolor  Baseball Cap  

Then I realized how warm Women’s Hats really are and how much fun they can be and more importantly how much time they are able to save me when I am getting ready for the day!

Women’s Hats even provide protection for my Hair when it is humid and rainy out, so what’s really not to Love?

So as soon as I started to become a little more comfortable with incorporating Hats into my wardrobe -- voila, like magic, the options are endless!

 Of course I have a few favorites that goes! I absolutely adore -- so here goes! 

The Women’s Knit Slouchy Beanie w/ Fur Pom in Taupe

is at the top of my list!

From the moment I first laid eyes on this piece, I was in Love, like obsessed. Let me tell you why …. for one it is perfectly constructed!

The Fur Pom is proportioned not to mention texturally blissful. The knit itself is the perfect thickness. Like you know how some Women’s Hats are super thin? Which is sometimes a good thing if you want to wear a Hat and you aren’t necessarily looking to be warm.

Anyway, so this Women’s Hat is perfect. There is room for expansion without compromising the structure which comes in clutch on a big Hair day.

Taupe Beanie - Downtown Native

Taupe Beanie - Downtown Native

The Taupe color literally goes with everything since it is the perfect neutral.

Next on the list, Women’s Baseball Cap w/ Black Fur Pom! Retailed at 49.99, I wouldn’t imagine spending a penny less. To start it is extremely well made. Like it’s not flimsy at all, which is life!

The Black Fur Pom is so nice! It truly makes this Women’s Hat so much fun! I really love this piece because of it’s ability to dress up a rather loungy or casual outfit! The base of the Hat is a great shade of Gray. Not quite a Charcoal, yet definitely darker than a Heather. Do you know?

It is adjustable which rocks. Since the size of your head will ultimately vary if you go from wearing a Straight Sleek Pony to having a Curly Hair day.

This Women’s Hat is extremely warm which means …. Happy New Year! Feel free to take this piece with you into the cool Winter months.

I’m basically a minimalist and usually I prefer to keep things fairly simple. This Women’s Hat is the perfect choice for me. However, if you like to Jazz things up and could use a little more detail in your life … an additional version of this Classic Piece is available with a fine white stitching along the bone of the cap. The Pom also has some white and gray fur along with the black fur.

Isabela Moner Baseball Cap

 Actress - Isabela Moner

Are you ready for this? As much as I love love love the Taupe Slouchy Beanie w/ Fur Pom would you believe that additional patterns and color options are available?!

A super chill black and white combination with the black fur pom is perfect for a pair of jeans, or leggings of course. Pair them with a cute oversized sweater and you are seriously all set!

If you happen to be looking to add some pops of color into your wardrobe the multi-color options incorporate a very endearing shade of Fuschia into the Black and White mix and shakes it up a bit with a Gray Pom.

This piece because of the color combination has a super youthful vibe to me more than the others. Perfect for kicking it!

Last but not least…. OMG how sweet!

The Fur Trim Striped 2-IN-1 Cuff/Hat. At first I was like no way! There’s no way this Cuff also converts into a Women’s Hat, but let me tell you! -- it does and it’s the most amazing thing.

I can literally go on for days about how cool that is but it’s truly something that you have to see for yourself.

This piece is very fun and in my opinion super unisex!

Available in both Red and Black and Blue and Black color options. It’s pattern is the perfect choice for you or your Guy.

For us girly girls, cuff it! It’s so sweet and warm. If you have a little tomboy in you, then totally rock it as a Hat, it’s perfection. And on your good Hair days have your Guy wear it for you!

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