1. Start A Book Club

Gather a few friends and start a book club. Meetings ever so often to discuss will invite opportunity to share insights, relaxing but yet intellectual conversations and a chance to hang out over food and drinks.

2. Invest In A Cozy Winter Wardrobe

Knit sweaters, hats, gloves, thick socks, leg warmers, scarves and comfy boots will not only keep you comfy and warm, but also fashionable and there are even some premium winter pieces out there that add extra softness to your skin with infused aloe.

3. Plan A Weekend Getaway

Winter doesn’t have to dampen your mood and keep you locked up. Explore destinations to take advantage of winter activities such as skiing and ice fishing. You will look forward to cozying up at nights in your cabin with a hot cup of tea in front a fireplace.

4. Switch Your Playlist To Some Old Music

Classics and jazz & blues have a way of creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere. After a long day, wind down with golden tunes from Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday. Or try out our hygge inspired playlist  https://www.minxny.com/blog/hygge-to-your-ears/


5. Create A Luxury Spa Hour At Home

Find your candles, open a bottle of bubbly and play soothing music as you soak in your tub. Also be sure to use a sensual bubble bath, and finish with your favorite therapy lotions and oils. Check out our moisturising heel gel socks https://www.minxny.com/sale/unisex-moisturizing-heel-gel-sock-non-skid-vitamin-infused-tan-osfm


6. Bake Dessert

That’s right, bake dessert instead of buying. Not only is it therapeutic for many to bake, but the aroma of something sweet baking in the oven will lift your spirits and fill your home with nothing but sweetness and warmth.


7. Host A Game Night

What better way to get together indoors with friends, family and loved ones during the winter? Break out the board games and cards over snacks, drinks and endless laughter all night long.


8. Light Candles Around The House

Dim lighting is an instant mood changer. Scatter candles around the living room and bed rooms to enhance coziness and turn off electric lights.


9.  Add Marshmallows To Your Hot Drinks

Sweeten your favorite hot drinks such as hot chocolate, tea, coffee and others with a handful of fluffy gooeyness. If you’re in the mood for more, go ahead and top it off with whipped cream!


10.  Try A Soup Recipe

We all love a hot soup on cold winter days. Go ahead and try out that new recipe you’ve always wanted to. Add a slice of bread for a complete hearty meal and don’t forget to share with your loved ones.


11. Curl Up With Your Favorite Book

Throw on a pair of your favorite slippers and some sweats, grab your favorite new book, and curl up by the fireplace with a cup of something warm and some time lost in the world of your novel.


12. Have A Marathon Of Your Favorite TV Series

The only marathon we want to run in the winter is one that involves a blanket, pajamas, snacks, and a big screen TV! Start that TV series you’ve been meaning to try out or catch up on one of your favorites.  We promise, you won’t be able to watch just one episode!


13. Go For A Winter Wonderland Stroll

Check out the beautiful scenery of the fallen leaves and snow - take in all of the things around you that you might have missed before - the park around the corner, the little coffee shop you have been meaning to check out, or the holiday window displays of the department stores. Don’t forget to bundle up! https://www.minxny.com/shop/womens/scarves


14. Host An Intimate Dinner Party

Invite a couple of your closest friends over to catch up over a meal.  


15. Take Up A New Hobby

Now is the perfect time of year to learn something new.  With the unpredictable change in the weather, a lot of time is spent indoors.  Maybe you want to learn to knit, sew, scrapbook, or learn a new language - learning a new hobby is a great way to de-stress too!


16. Declutter Your Closet

An important aspect of hygge is to relieve yourself of stress and feel the sense of calm in your life.  A large trigger to cause stress is clutter, especially in the home.  Take a day and organize your closet - separate between things you still want, need, and what you can give away. This will make spring cleaning much easier!

17. Volunteer

Give back to your community by volunteering at your local shelter, donate your unwanted winter wear to the nearby clothing drive, help pass out a warm meal to a family in need.  Giving back doesn’t only help the person receiving the help but it can also help you as well.


18. Purchase Matching Pajamas For You And Loved Ones

Lounge around night time and Sundays feeling comfy and matchy with the family or a spouse to encourage unity and holiday cheer, especially on Christmas morning.                                                                                                                        

19. Cozy Up Your Living Room

Add pillows and blankets on your couch to warm up the space you chill out the most in.


20. Start A Wine Collection

If you aren’t already a wine drinker (we don’t know anyone who isn’t), stock up on a few bottles and start adding more as you explore others along the way. Wine is a must for guests visiting your home, and we’ve heard a glass a day is good for the heart!