The Great Missing Sock Mystery—Solved!

The Great Missing Sock Mystery—Solved!

O.K., our title's a little misleading. We haven't exactly solved one of life's great mysteries, namely where all the missing socks in the world go. But we did unearth a few facts about the problem, which seems to peak right about now, just when the weather turns Fallish and we all head back to schools and work and attempt to locate the remnants of our elusive hosiery. And what we found in our research is rather, er, socking.anklets-MinxNY

First, we lose, on average, more than one sock per month. That may not sound like a lot, but that's about 15 different pairs of socks. That's practically a whole sock wardrobe in a year. The reason? One study involving 2000 sock owners came up with an actual Sock Loss Formula (better than stock losses—right?). The math goes a little something like this:

L (Laundry size) + C (Washing Complexity) - P (Positivity about doing the laundry) x A (Degree of attention paid)

So, there you have it, the dirty little secret about why our socks get lost while we clean them. It's not the Evil Sock-Eating Monster after all—it's us!

Our advice? Do smaller, targeted, all-sock loads; pay attention (!); and try to cultivate a positive attitude to doing the wash. (Yes, you read that correctly.) 

In the meantime, while we all strive to love laundry, you should probably replenish your sock, er, stock. Get the job done swiftly with a 3-pac of our gorgeous Roll-top Cotton Flecked Crew Socks in fall jewel tones. Crave something bolder? Check out our cheeky Cozy Collegiate Knee High Boot Socks. Some have lace and ribbons, or pick up a pack of our snap-on decorations and create your own looks.

Yes, fall sock loss realization is real, Minxers.  But with a little effort–and a few cute, new pairs–we can all get through this together!



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