5 Ways Hygge Can Help Make Work Less . . . Worky

5 Ways Hygge Can Help Make Work Less . . . Worky

Worky isn’t strictly a word. We know this. But it makes an important point we’d like to get across: Think outside the cubicle. Don’t conform to what you think work is, create it for yourself.

If you’re the boss, great. If you’re not, prove that Hygge is good for the bottom line by simultaneously making yourself happier and more productive. Should you don purple pajamas, put your feet up and break out the Netflix? Not if you want to stay employed. But, there’s only help and no harm in increasing comfort and pleasure in the place you spend the majority of your waking moments. So, in honor of Labor Day, five ways to Hygge at work:

1. Up Your Cozy Quotient

Big time. Velvety throws, a furry chair pillow, a shag spot rug, or some indoor-outdoor, fur-lined fuzzy slipper boots to swap for your shoes, it’s all good. And good for your mental health. You’ll be surprised how must faster working on The Cloud goes when your feet are encased in a cloud of softness.

Fuzzy Slipper Boots - MinxNY.com

2. Climate Control Your Space

If your office is too stuffy, break out a small desk fan. Too cold, opt for a cup warmer (with a familiar mug from home). To combat overzealous A/C in summer or dreaded Office Draft Syndrome in winter, try some of our slipper socks or our snuggly sweater infinity cuff with convenient phone pocket.

3. Green is Good for Green

Plants at the office have been shown to decrease stress and increases focus. Sure enough, many Danish workplaces have gone pretty wild. At LEGO, employees dine at tables with built-in bonsai plants, and their corporate headquarters will soon be surrounded by a full-blown park. But even a few natural touches on or around your desk will get the job done. Got a corner office? Try the soothing, desert beauty of an artificial Yacca Tree. Or add a sense of zen calm to your desk with a  row of faux grass in a minimalist planter. For more practicality, try our Power Plant that looks like a plant and acts like a charger for up to four of your USB devices.

4. Good Scents Make Cents

Pleasing smells have been shown to up contentment and performance on the job. So, light up a scented candle or some incense. If company rules won't allow, try some sprigs of rosemary or a few cinnamon sticks in your pencil holder.  Or wear some of our delicately-scented, chenille socks to work and stash the accompanying lavender sachet in your desk drawer while you're at it.

5. Don't Forget Your Most Important Sense: Humor

News flash: Not everyone at work will be your best friend. (Some people at work could never be your best friend in one million years, even if you and they were the last two people on God's green Earth, though, in this scenario, it's the end of the world, so the world's probably not green anymore.) The point: So what? Smile, be of good cheer, exude a positive spirit of Hygge, and just . . . crack a joke. Who knows, Ms. Types Too Loud and Mr. I Know Better might just join in the fun and reveal–shocker–that they're just fellow humans after all.


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