Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month

First launched in 1992, Stress Awareness Month has taken place every April since, as health care professionals and health promotion experts aim to increase public awareness about stress. One may think that stress is not a serious issue; that it is not necessary to have a month dedicated to bringing awareness to it. However, stress does not merely afflict your mind; it can also affect you on a cellular level, with long-term stress possibly leading to a wide range of illnesses—from headaches to stomach disorders to depression. That is why so much effort is made to raise awareness about stress, because anyone and everyone is and has been affected by this serious yet common issue.

So whether you are feeling stressed over work, school, or family, know that you are not alone at all. At MinxNY, we may not be able to cure your stress, but we can certainly help reduce it!

Often times, living in an urban area means working and commuting in a concrete jungle with a regimented schedule. Often times, your life with be completely devoid of nature and greenery. You may wonder, why is this important to Stress Awareness Month? Well simply put, countless studies have shown that human beings are less stressed when they are in close proximity to a plant; by keeping flowers and plants around the home and in the workplace, a person’s stress levels are greatly reduced. In honor of Stress Awareness Month, your general wellbeing, and your mental health overall, why not treat yourself and your life to a beautiful houseplant?

For both plant enthusiasts and beginners alike, we recommend our gorgeous 66” tall, delicately-leafed artificial palm tree which comes wrapped in a cozy, rustic burlap kit. As science has proven that houseplants increase levels of positive energy, general wellbeing, and happiness while lowering levels of stress and anxiety, let our beautiful artificial palm tree elevate your indoor space without the hassle of watering and maintaining. We know what it feels like to rise and grind, to climb onboard the daily hustle and bustle train, to feel continuously worn and stressed out. That is why our office is lovingly decorated with tall stunning floor plants and bright pops of greenery all over, and we hope that our plants will be as soothing and relaxing to you as they are to us.

One issue that may contribute to your stress is foot fatigue, which is a very common condition that occurs after you stand or walk for long periods of time. Your foot muscles become overly tired and cramp, causing you to experience pain and begin to limp. Therefore, allow our technologically advanced range of socks give your feet unsurpassed levels of comfort. Engineered with derma-care moisturizing, anti-bacterial and fast wicking properties, as well as lavender-scented aromatherapy, our socks are on a mission to melt your stress of the day away.

After a long day, the only stress you will have is choosing what pair of socks you want to wear! From our chenille fuzzy fur cuff, lavender infused, non skid socks to our reflexology non skid socks with grippers, the choice of comfort is yours. With double layer comfort, our luxurious socks are designed to help reduce friction and provide maximum protection for sensitive feet. Along with derma-care technology and our patented lavender-and-shea butter oil infusion aromatherapy process, your natural healing abilities are stimulated to help reduce stress and anxiety. De-stressing after a long, hard day? Check. Ultimate foot moisturizing experience? Check. Absolute comfort and relaxation? Check, check, and check. Mission accomplished.

Relax, renew, and rejuvenate.

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