International Happiness Day

International Happiness Day

Happiness is a term that is often thrown around: people are constantly chasing it, in pursuit of it, striving for it. But really, what exactly is happiness? More than simply a positive mood, happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life—that is, with a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction. Happiness is an emotional state that most of us are constantly striving for, and often only fully appreciate when it's over.

It's a feeling that the United Nations (UN) regards as so important that it recognizes today, March 20th, as International Day of Happiness, and has done so since 2013. That is why it is so important to treat yourself with the kindness and love you deserve, because YOU are important, and YOU deserve to be happy.

So whether it’s been a pretty horrid day, from exhausting commutes, stressful bosses, to depressing weather, put that all out of your mind, even for a short moment, and allow the worries of the day fade away.

Brew a cup of hot tea, light a candle, and slip into a pair of our soothing shea butter-infused plush socks. Sip, breathe, and relax. Happy International Happiness Day!

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