15 Ways to Make Your Socks Last Much (Like Really Way) Longer

15 Ways to Make Your Socks Last Much (Like Really Way) Longer

It's time for a little a tough love on a soft subject: You've probably been abusing your socks.

Not intentionally, of course, but still. Socks aren't cheap, high quality ones, especially. (Even with an employee discount, ahem.) And yet socks have it rougher than almost any other item in our wardrobe, partly because we walk on them all day long (ya think?).

But it's also how we treat them. (Throwing them on the floor and letting the cat play with them, anyone?) So how do we prolong our socks' working life so they're every bit as colorful, well-shaped and adorable as they were the first day we slipped them on, months, even years, later? Turns out (and turning them out is part of it) there are actual things you can do (and stop doing) to maximize your hosiery's lifespan manyfold (yeah, folding's part of it too). So here it is, 15 top tips to start you on your path to sock immortality (or close).

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  1. Contrary to instinct (and what your roommate in college told you), NEVER wash your socks in hot water. Like, ever. Use cold machine wash (30 degrees Celsius).  (Little side note from our dermatologist friend: You shouldn't use HOT water on your skin either.)
  2. Separate your socks by color before washing, especially when they’re new . . . Unless you’re, like, really into tie dye . . .

  3. Always wash your socks inside out. Don't roll your eyes! Why do you need to do this? Two reasons. One: To get rid of sweat and skin on inside of socks, so clean fabric is touching your skin when you wear them again. Two: To prevent lint from sticking to outside of socks when you wash them. . . . Why do you question the Sock Master?Wool Speckled Knee High Boot Socks - MinxNY.com

  4. It's a good idea to place socks in a garment bag before washing to prevent dreaded sock loss. These things have a way of happening . . . frequently. (See article.)

  5. Use mild soap. We recommend one of the natural brands available.

  6. Wash on gentle cycle. Getting the gentle theme here?

  7. If your socks are extra-grimy, you can let them soak in COLD water for 30 mins. prior to cycle.

  8. Say no (nicely) to Snuggle the Bear: Fabric softener messes with socks’ moisture-wicking abilities.Chenille Socks with Gripper Bottoms - Cat - MinxNY.com

  9. Never, ever, wring out your socks! Pains us just to write that.

  10. Hang socks to dry on a drying rack. If you must use a dryer, use low heat. Dryer heat majorly shortens sock life-span and elasticity.

  11. Don’t dry clean your socks. There, saved you some cash.

  12. Don’t iron your socks. Or let some crazy people-pleaser try to do it for you. Hot iron=bad for socks.
  13. Store socks flat, never rolled up in cruel, shape-distorting balls, especially if they’ll be there for a while. Fold together at top to keep in pairs, if you must. Another option is to fold the whole sock, but this is not recommended for long term sock storage. Let your socks hang free!Slouchy Chenille Slipper Socks with Gripper Bottoms - MinxNY.com
  14. This one is gross but guess it must be said: Cut your toenails to prevent creating holes.
  15. Keep bleach away from socks, unless holes are, in fact, your thing. Bleach will greatly reduce the lifespan of socks.
  16.  BONUS: Always follow the Golden Sock Rule. That is, treat your socks as you wish to be treated!Chenille Socks with Gripper Bottoms - Dragonflies - MinxNY.com
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