Some so-called "Super Towels" do one thing pretty well. At maximum, two. But our amazing new BeachTech performance towel has so many awesome features (we count at least 6) we almost can't fit them into this piece.  But for the sake of the public good (and public good times!), we're giving it our best shot . . .

  1. The BeachTech towel folds up tiny. By tiny we mean you've never seen an oversize towel fold up this compactly. You can fit it in a bike basket, a small purse, a mini backpack. We've even see guys stash it in their back pockets. Overstuffed, overflowing beach bags are a thing of the past!

  1. This incredible BeachTech performance towel repels sand and dirt like you've never seen. A slight shake is all that's needed to make those annoying grains of pain fly off, leaving you with an immaculately clean, sand-free towel. With the BeachTech towel, you'll leave the beach where it belongs—at the beach!

Beachtech towel repels sand and dirt

  1. The BeachTech towel dries you fast. Your body will be completely dry after a single once-over. The high tech microfiber material instantly wicks water away, drawing it into the center of the towel away from your body for instantly dry skin. This brings us to number four . . .

  1. The towel itself dries fast, more rapidly than any other towel currently available. So if you decide to take a second dip, your towel is already totally dry. No more lying around on a drippy, uncomfortable, wet towel again.

Beachtech Towel dries fast

  1. The BeachTech towel’s next feature is a must, especially this summer: It never gets hot. Specially manufactured from Cool Touch fabric, it's not only the cleanest and driest towel you’ve ever experienced, but the coolest too. This towel is temperature controlled—amazing.

Beachtech towel never gets too hot

  1. The final feature of this towel is a fan favorite: A 100% waterproof phone pocket.  No more losing keys, money or cell phone in the sand. And no need to carry a wallet with the only high-tech towel we know of with this bonus, organizing compartment.

Beachtech towel has a phone pocket

Well, we hope you're as impressed by the most exciting, feature-filled advancement in towel technology ever to be invented as we are. The BeachTech performance towel is here to make all of our vacation, recreation and relaxation time a lot more convenient, a lot more comfortable, a lot more pleasurable and that means: A lot more fun! We even forgot to mention that the BeachTech towel is 100% eco-friendly. There has simply never been another towel produced with more advantages and benefits—and it's ours exclusively. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.

Yours from the beach,

Minx NY/BeachTech
(212) 273-3700