The MinxNY Unpack™: 5 Cute-n-Cozy Accessories to Take Off to College

What to Pack for College - Hygge Store - MinxNY


What to Pack for College - MinxNY

Back to school means back to cool weather and a sudden need for comfy, comforting, happiness-inducing, Hygge-inspired items to send students off in style. We call it Cozy Collegiate (CoCo) and it's about increasing well-being, decreasing study stress and providing a-dorm-able items to make campus-dwellers feel at home wherever they go. Here are our picks for the top 5 college must-packs right now:

College Style - MinxNY

1. A Power Plant:

Nothing will boost relaxation and concentration like your very own desktop oasis. Ecotherapy, using plants, even simulated ones, to boost mood and well-being, has been scientifically proven. (Ask your bio prof.) So, relax, regroup and recharge with a soothing touch of green that will also recharge up to 4 of your devices simultaneously. Sounds like a cure all to us:

Power Plants - Hygge Shop - MinxNY

2. A Power Towel:

Just because you're a serious student doesn't mean you shouldn't take time off. For weekend beach and pool excursions—and just lying out on the campus lawn—grab the BeachTech Performance Towel: It folds tiny (perfect for packing), dries fast, dries you faster—and even has a pocket for your (plant-charged) phone:

BeachTech Performance Towel - MinxNY

3. A Power Cloth:

Let's face it, college can get gross. Between shower lines and lack of time, not everybody gets an "A" in hygiene. You'll be ahead of the curve with our reusable, washable Miracle Cloth Makeup Remover and exfoliator. For proof, you've never seen a cleaner-faced bunch than the staff at MinxNY. Internship anyone?

Miracle Cloth Makeup Remover - MinxNY

4. The Coziest Socks:

We made the Dean's List for coziest socks in college. OK, no we didn't. But if there were a cozy slipper socks scholarship, we'd win it. These Bootie Socks with Pom Poms will have you feeling loved and pampered so you can get down to less-than-loving Chem homework. They're sherpa-lined and toasty enough to beat any drafty dorm or unheated corridor your college can serve up. 

Hygge Store - College Cozy Socks - MinxNY

5. Preppy Pocket:

Backpack overstuffed and crazy? Can never find your dang cell? Now you will with the instantly organizing, totally snappy Wrap Scarf with Faux Leather Phone Pocket with snap closures, available in grey or black:


Leather Scarf - Hygge Store - MinxNY


Well, Bon Voyage! Pack wisely and have a great semester. Remember: Hygge is about seizing the moment, enjoying life and not letting simple pleasures pass you by. So, in the midst of the stacks, reading list hell, and orgo lab, don't forget to have some fun. Sounds like a party to us! 


College Style - Hygge Shop - MinxNY




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