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Unlike other products, our unique BeachTech Towels benefit from some of the world's most advanced fabric technologies, resulting in a finished product that is not only incredibly lightweight and compact, but also super-absorbent, anti-bacterial, eco-friendly, stain-resistant, fast drying, storage-pocket ready and you guessed it – distinctly charming with several aesthetically pleasing and vibrant designs to choose from.

Ideally suited for today's active lifestyles, our BeachTech Towel is the perfect companion for your day out at the park, pool, beach, campsite or wherever your travel holiday adventure may take you.


  • Lightweight & CompactExtremely fine microdenier fabric gives our BeachTech Towels that distinct lightweight advantage without ever compromising on performance and also folds to 1/4 of the size of a normal towel for easy transport.
  • Super AbsorbentOur BeachTech Towels are extremely hardworking yet delicate to the touch, technical qualities made possible by the 100% microdenier fabric, giving it second-to-none moisture uptake properties across the entire surface area.
  • Eco-friendly - Wash ten of our amazing eco-friendly BeachTech Towels in the same amount of time and water it would take to wash three regular towels.
  • Fast Drying - Unlike standard moisture-wicking fabrics, our advanced microdenier fabric breathes well delivering three distinct functions: wicking, moisture transportation and drying fast.
  • Anti-Bacterial (Anti-Microbial) - Incorporating anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties into each and every BeachTech Towel results in a finished product that is naturally resistant to or inhibits the growth of micro-organisms.
  • Large and Luxurious - Whether you share your 32" x 64", luxurious beach towel with a friend or by yourself, just know you're in for an absolutely great time


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