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The Hygge Life

Our company is lovingly dedicated to the spirit of Hygge. We believe in it and try to embody its message in all that we do. Originally a Danish term, Hygge (hoo-gah) is roughly translated as “well-being,” but it's closer to the notion of coziness. It's about closeness, warm relationships and making every moment count.

 There aren’t any strict rules for what makes something Hygge.  You sort of know it when you feel it. Hygge can be anything from a candlelit holiday feast, to curling up under a blanket in comfy socks with a good book. It can be a bonfire at the beach or drinking a cup of tea in a pretty cup.

 Hygge places value on the so-called “little things” in life, the quiet pleasures and creature comforts that really aren’t small or insignificant at all. Hygge is about enjoying tender, intimate moments and fun times with loved ones in real time.  

Our goal is to reflect the Hygge philosophy in each of the products we make, all of which we dream up and design ourselves. We think all of our offerings are at least a little Hyggeligt in some way.

For example, many of our products smell amazing.  Another quality we specialize in is things that are very–exceptionally–soft. (Must pass the cheek rub test.) Also, things that make YOU soft, like gloves and socks infused with Argan oil and shea butter. Several of our products appeal to multiple senses.

Something else we love: objects with extra, surprising elements, like a pocket in a towel or a scarf, or a plant featuring phone-charging outlets.  We want to provide you with details that delight.

In sum: We’re on a mission to make our customers happy through the simple pleasures of life and Hygge.

We believe there’s never been a better time or a bigger need for Hygge. As we see it, there’s too much strife in the world currently and things seem to be getting more conflicted all the time.  Now more than ever, people need to feel the sense of home, pleasure and belonging that Hygge can bring.

Thanks for reading. We look forward to delivering your own happy-making, Hygge experiences very soon!

Take care,

 The MinxNY Team


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